Signing at Spring Thing Market at Chaplewood United Methodist Church, Houston, TX

(Spring 2012)

Signing Mars and the Search for Life at the 2009 Texas Library Association Conference in Houston.
At NCTE with Greg Leitich Smith.
Presenting at Author Night in Mission, TX. (Photo courtesy of Barbara O'Connor)

Elaine signs her new book following her presentation at the 2007 Texas Book Festival.






Elaine visited the Texas Governor's Mansion for the 2005 Teddy Book Awards.

(Pictured here with the other finalists, Joy Fisher Hein, Dianne Gonzales Bertrand, Kathi Appelt, Anne Bustard, Jennifer J. Stewart, and Tammar Stein. October 2005.)

Elaine Scott with First Lady Laura Bush at the Inauguration Celebration, January 19, 2001.

Participating in the Inauguration Ceremonies:

During my years as a children's book author, I have had many wonderful experiences, and met many interesting people. However, one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had took place during the Inauguration of President George W. Bush. The President's wife, First Lady, Mrs. Laura Bush, planned a program called "Laura Bush Salutes America's Authors." I was thrilled to be one of 13 children's authors she invited to come to Washington as a part of her program, which took place on Friday morning, January 19, 2001 in Constitution Hall.

All of the authors visited with Mrs. Bush, and each other, before we entered the auditorium to listen to Stephen Ambrose, Mary Higgins Clark, and her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, Stanley Crouch, and Stephen Harrigan read selections from their recent books. Those authors write books for adults. After the readings, we all had lunch together; then the children's authors headed out to Washington, DC public schools. Each one of us went to a different school; mine was Simon Elementary. The principal, the teachers, the reading teacher, and the 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls were excited about the visit, and so was I. The students made a sign that welcomed me; then they gave me a tour of their school, which was old, but very clean and nice. I could tell they were proud of the school, and the work they did there. After the tour, we settled down to spend some time together. I read from two of my books, Friends! and Adventure in Space. Afterward, I gave copies of those books to the school. The students and I talked about how authors write books. Since my books are nonfiction, I told them about my research, and they told me how they do research. I told them how I often write a book three or four times before I get it just right. And they told me they were surprised that authors have to work at improving their writing, just like they do! All of us agreed, however, that the hard work is worth it, because reading a good book is a lot of fun.

Laura Bush thinks reading is fun--and important. After all, she was once a librarian. And she thinks teachers are important people; she was once a classroom teacher, too. Along with Mrs. Bush, I hope every one of you who are reading this page will think of the teachers who helped you learn to read, and the librarians who put good books in your hands, and whisper "thank you." I know I am thankful for the teachers and librarians who helped me when I was young. Without them, I never would have gone to Washington. --Elaine Scott

First Lady, Laura Bush, a former librarian, greets some of her favorite authors at the Inauguration Celebration, January 19, 2001.
Elaine met former President George Bush at the 1998 Texas Book Festival.





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