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Elaine is currently accepting bookings for Fall 2013. Reserve your time early. Elaine's presentation helps teachers incorporate the benefits of expository writing into the curriculum.


Poles Apart is the perfect book to supplement student interest in the blockbuster movies, March of the Penguins and Happy Feet!




A Visit From Elaine Scott

Elaine Scott's school visits are widely acclaimed across the nation. Comments like "I'm still receiving thanks from the teachers whose classes you visited," to "The passion you have for your work and your willingness to share it with others is inspirational," are typical phrases that fill her correspondence files. Elaine loves reading, writing, and children and her delight in sharing that love with others is contagious. Using a mixture of slides and personal anecdotes, Ms. Scott talks about her writing career, encouraging creativity, research, and perseverance. Each 45-50 minute presentation is informative, yet lighthearted, emphasizing the joy that writing has brought to her and offering it as an equally joyful experience to her young audiences which, with the publication of Twins! and Friends! now ranges from kindergarten through high school.

To book a visit at your school or library, contact Elaine directly via email.

Elaine visited the students at Penn Valley Elementary School in Levittown, PA in April 2006. Read what the librarian had to say about the experience.

  Elaine, What a delight it was to have you here at Penn Valley! The children and teachers had many positive comments throughout the day and again on Thursday and Friday. This is definitely something they will remember as a wonderful experience. -- Carolyn Wert, Librarian, Penn Valley ES


Elaine spoke to students in Heidelberg and Ramstein, Germany and she enjoys international travel. This is a picture of her visit in Ramstein, sharing her experience writing about the astronauts with students.

Elaine's program at the 2004 Texas Book Festival was fabulous--as engaging for adults as for the children. --Jeanette Larson, Chair, Author! Author!

"Thank you for writing such wonderful books for us to learn and talk about. We especially enjoyed Twins.--Ms. Garcia's 3rd grade class.

Elaine is fabulous! She is engaging and interesting for children and adults alike. The book she highlighted with slides and interested stories was Adventure in Space: the Flight to Fix the Hubble. I thoroughly enjoyed her! -- Kim Lehman, Youth Specialist, Austin Public Library

"It was a great pleasure to have you at our school. I have heard many positive comments about your visit. I hope our paths will cross again. I truly enjoyed meeting you.--Beverly Bryan

Elaine Scott is a real trooper! Her enthusiasm for the topics she writes about is contagious and children love to hear her stories about research and writing. A perfect presentation. --Jeanette Larson, Austin Public Library

Elaine will work with schools and other organizations to tailor her presentation in a way that addresses specific topics or curriculum emphases, such as research, writing techniques, organization of material, and creativity in non-fiction writing. When she visits a class, it is not to promote her own work, but to use the visit as a tool to reinforce and support the work that is going on in the classroom.

Click here to contact Elaine Scott at to arrange an author visit and for information on fees and travel expenses. It's best to have several dates in mind and to plan as far ahead as possible. Ms. Scott's calendar is often booked a year in advance.

In addition to her school visits, schedule permitting, Ms. Scott is available to teach writing workshops to children and adults. She has been a featured presenter at Pathways to Literacy, has twice taught in the Mesquite (TX) Young Writer's Conference, been keynote speaker at Rising Star Young Writer's Conference in Austin (TX), and has taught writing workshops at Rice University, the University of Houston, and Texas Woman's University, among others. She has addressed the National Council of Teachers of English, the Children's Literature in the Curriculum (CLIC) conference at North Texas State university, and the Young Adult Conference at Sam Houston State University.

An essay Ms. Scott wrote for the Beverly Cleary retrospective that comprised the Spring 1995 issue of the Oregon English Journal is titled "Witches, Owls and Black-nosed Sheep: Ramona's Spiritual Journey." That essay led to the development of another program that Ms. Scott is frequently asked to present titled, "Images of the Sacred in Children's Literature" that features excerpts from the work of Beverly Cleary, Katherine Paterson, and E.B. White. The work is theirs...the spiritual interpretation is Elaine's.

Book sales can often pay the expenses of your visit from Elaine Scott. Publishers will supply the books at a discount; sell them to raise money for fees and expenses. It is not unusual to sell 400-500 copies of Elaine's books after her programs.

Books for school and library visits may be ordered through the publishers. Teachers and librarians may also order Adventure in Space in paperback through Houghton Mifflin. Call 800-733-2828 (ISBN 1-618-06289-0). Houghton Mifflin has made this book part of their Theme Paperback series, Theme 6: Oceans and Space. Several titles are also available in classroom sets, print, or on audiocassette through Recorded Books, Inc.

Read A Memorable Visit [recalling a visit to Rice Elementary School in Austin, Texas] by Elaine Scott in Journal of Youth Services in Libraries. v. 13 no. 1 (Fall 1999) p. 18. Elaine describes her visit to a low-income elementary school. "At the end of the day, two custodians approached and quietly asked if they, too, could have a book. My heart was full. I received much more from Rice Elementary than I gave them and my passion for children's nonfiction burned brighter than ever."

Visit Toni Buzzeo's website, America Writes for Kids or Balkin Buddies to find information about other great authors from Texas and around the country.


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