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Elaine's Favorite Links (for sites for teachers click here or scroll down for a list of articles by and about Elaine)

Click on these links to some of Elaine's favorite web sites for more information on the subjects of her books.

Guide to Space Exploration is a Florida tourism site that provides an overview of the history of the space program with numerous links to additional resources.

An Online Guide to Outer Space offers a concise look at various aspects of outer space with links to more details.

Exploring Space: Images From NASA is a set of links to primary source documents on the history of telescopes and the origins of the idea to put a telescope in outer space. Did you know that the idea started in the 1920s?

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC includes great online exhibits of some of the world's best artwork. Check out the kids link for fun interactive activities. Look on the site for a reproduction of The Family of Saltimbanques, which is thought to include a self-portrait of Picasso.

Space Day: Return to the Moon (Celebrated the first Friday in May, the web site for this event provides games for kids and lesson plans for educators.)

WIKISKY.ORG provides an amazing online sky map using images compiled from ultra-high-powered telescopes.

International Polar Year (Beginning March 2007 and actually spanning two years, this effort coordinates scientific activity on the polar regions. The site includes teacher and classroom resources.)

March of the Penguins (The web site for the movie provides video clips, the sounds of penguins, coloring pages, and more!)

Polar Bear Tracker NEWS FLASH! Polar bear can swim 74 km in a day!

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Polar Explorer (This web book allows you to learn about Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica.)

NASA Brain Bites

Visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum

Cartoon Factory
Garfield Online
The World of Beverly Cleary

Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Astronomy for Kids

Eye on the Universe: The Hubble Space Telescope

How Space Stations Work

NASA Astronaut Biographies

NASA Space Telescope Science Institute Homepage

Kennedy Space Center (payload and orbiter virtual tour)

Stardate Online Homepage

New Views of the Universe (latest Hubble discoveries)

Crittercam (create a camera for scientists to attach to a penguin and then view the penguins activities)


Elaine suggests these resources and sites to help teachers use her books in the classroom.

Horn Book article explains "What Makes a Good Space Book?"

For a Teacher Guide to Buried Alive click on the link.

Secrets of the Cirque Medrano Discussion Guide

When is A Planet Not A Planet?: The Story of Pluto (Article and resources in Library Sparks, March 2008 by Carol Surges)

Curriculum Guide: Antarctica

Space Day: Return to the Moon

NASA Explorer: Lessons and Online Resources for NASA (updated weekly)

The Color Spectrum (a Discovery School guide to use with Close Encounters)

Adventure in Space Reading and Language Arts Guide

The Path to Mars: First Telescopes (lesson plans)

Amazing Space (A library of interactive explorations for students, including "Mission Mastermind" that allows students to help on a Hubble mission.)

Cynthia Leitich Smith: Children's Literature Resources (includes an interview with Elaine Scott plus lots of other great information

Post Magazine article about books on friendship. August 15, 2000.

Check your local library for these articles about Elaine Scott and her work:

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Check your local library for these articles by Elaine:

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